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Web3ite Pass

Buy a Web3ite Pass to create your own showcase page at a web address with the domain name web3.com and create an electronic business card that reflects your web3 identity

Access to the showcase page for unique web3.com domains (example: galaxy.web3.com).
Combine on-chain and off-chain information for multi-dimensional display, serving both individuals and organizations.

Buy a Web3ite Pass for further upcoming functionality:

@web3.com email account service
web3.com on-chain domain service

Web3 Link

Web3 Link provides a gateway to content access for ENS (and more decentralized domain names), building a bridge for convenient access to decentralized domain names

No need for separate configurations, Web3 Link automatically reads the links of content in the decentralized memory recorded by ENS.
Users only need to enter the URL (such as yourname.eth.web3.com) in the browser to access the corresponding ENS content in decentralized memory, enabling you to enter the world of web3.

Web3 Space

High-quality navigation and display space for Web3.com showcase page content

Users can view the created showcase content based on different variables and categories
Provide exposure for user-owned showcase pages in the display space.

Dweb's Navigation Station

Help the development and adoption of Dweb, bringing more traffic and attention to Dweb.

Web3 Name Service

On-chain domain name services for the Web3.com domain name:

Enabling further decentralized identity for Web 3.0 users.
Serving as access to decentralized web content.

Web3 Email

Unique @web3.com email account service:

A perfect match for Web3 explorers.
Decentralized login and management with the technology of blockchain wallet.



1. Web3ite Pass Launch.
2. Editable showcase pages for individuals and organizations.


1. Launch Web3 Space and provide navigation services for showcase pages and Dweb.


1. Showcase page editing optimization: more comprehensive on-chain and off-chain information aggregation.
2. Dweb resolution service.
3. Decentralized on-chain name service.


1. Web3.com Email account service.
2. More information aggregation services.

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