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Web3ite Pass

Web3 Passport is an ecosystem credential launched by Web3.com to connect the Web2 and Web3 worlds:

Each Web3 Passport corresponds to a unique "web3.com" domain name, e.g. an "abc" Pass corresponds to "abc.web3.com"
Owners can create and edit a profile page with the same domain name. This page can display multi-dimensional information about a person or organization.
Owners can mint an Ethereum NFT named "Web3ite Pass" as a Multi-Chain DID
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Web3 Link

Web3 Link provides a gateway to content access for ENS (and more decentralized domain names), building a bridge for convenient access to decentralized domain names

No need for separate configurations, Web3 Link automatically reads the links of content in the decentralized memory recorded by ENS.
Users only need to enter the URL (such as yourname.eth.web3.com) in the browser to access the corresponding ENS content in decentralized memory, enabling you to enter the world of web3.

Web3 Space

High-quality navigation through people, projects and organizations:

Based on the Web3ite Pass profile content and data collected across the internet, Web3 Space builds easy-to-use, credible project and organization exploration pages through navigation and search modules, allowing users to get real and reliable project information.

More information services:

Web3 Space is also researching Web3 users' needs for information navigation and is planning to launch various information services (such as themed event pages, Dweb, etc.), allowing users to explore cutting-edge Web3 technology deeply and systematically.

Web3 Email

Unique @web3.com email account service:

A perfect match for Web3 explorers.
Decentralized login and management with the technology of blockchain wallet.



1. Web3ite Pass Launch.
2. Editable showcase pages for individuals and organizations.


1. Launch Early-Bird Sale of Web3ite Pass.
2. Launch Web3 Space and provide navigation services for showcase pages and other information.


1. Launch Public Sale of Web3ite Pass.
2. Launch a sub-domain system for Web3ite Pass.
3. Decentralized on-chain name service.
4. Dweb resolution service


1. Web3.com Email account service.
2. More information aggregation services.

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