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At Web3.com Ventures, we position ourselves at the cutting edge of the web3 revolution, leveraging our rich experience as former operators who have transitioned into pioneering venture capitalists. Our profound expertise is deeply embedded in ecosystem enhancement and product development within the web3 landscape.

Introduction: Web3.com Ventures

Our investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that the backbone of widespread digital transformation lies in robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure. We channel our resources into strategic areas including Artificial Intelligence, developer tools, foundational infrastructure, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), scalability enhancements, and privacy technologies. Each of these domains is pivotal for catalyzing the adoption and growth of the web3 space.



Bring generic applications into web3 via ZK virtual machine for web assembly.

Hardware accelerating zero knowledge proofs.

A decentralized ZK-RaaS (ZK-Rollup as a Service) network featuring ZKP mining.

A Privacy-Preserving, Compliance-friendly ZK-ZKVM Rollup with Hyper Scalability.

Generative AI Inference API using a distributed GPU cloud.

Embedded privacy of on-chain transactions and assets.

Securing Web3 by Empowering a Transparent, Collaborative and Verifiable Security Ecosystem.

StackUp is a platform that aims to empower developers around the world to level up with the latest Web2 & Web3 technologies, and provide them with equal access to global opportunities.

Revolutionize the Internet with Web3 Africa's crypto infrastructure for all online residents.

Al-agents driven Web3 Social Game Platform, building a digital native world on Solana & TON.

WOMBO is building the next generation of entertainment with AI.

The first fully decentralized Layer 2 EVM on Bitcoin, combining the security and decentralization of Bitcoin with the ease and versatility of EVM.

Building the most successful content platform on the Ton-chain, featuring top-tier games and entertainment.

Pond is a graph AI model company building algorithms for the crypto industry.

The first LLM router, simplifies the process of using AI.

Unlocking 21 Million Bitcoin to Secure the Decentralised Economy.

DLC.Link makes dlcBTC, a trustless bridge to DeFi on Ethereum using Discreet Log Contracts, eliminating the need for custodians or bridges.

Building the most powerful wallet for Ordinals & BTC.

Sending Labs is a product studio building communications infrastructure to reshape the digital social network.

Lurk Lab is a leading zero-knowledge proof development team that is reimagining decentralized computation and proof programming.

AI Compute-as-a-Currency, powered by $IO™ Internet of GPUs™.

The first L2 that combines Bitcoin and Ethereum security and liquidity.


Our Team


Emerging as an early crypto adopter in 2013, we've built several successful protocols over the years.


We have gained significant returns from our investments by discovering true potential in projects early on.


Constantly developing productive tools to bring efficiency, convenience, and transparency to our clients.


We are a global team with our core present in the crypto industry since 2013, able to allocate resources from different industries and backgrounds to help any start-up develop their business.

Singapore, Shanghai, San Francisco
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